Awakening to Adventure

Chris and I met in 2007 on a year-long missions trip called The World Race. Together we navigated the waters of co-leadership while traveling around the world on a $9 /day budget with our belongings limited to only what we could carry in a backpack. As we explored the terrain of 15+ countries that year, we found our own adventure in pursuing each other. We butted heads in Nicaragua, grew our friendship in Buenos Aires, and eventually fell in love in Swaziland. Our first kiss was on a rooftop in Phuket, Thailand, which was totally against mission trip rules, but we have no regrets. 😉

Our shared love for travel only grew after we got married. We continued to feed our wanderlust by adding more stamps to our passports and even moving to Spain for 6 months. Shortly after our visas ran out in Spain, we moved back to the States, got pregnant with our first baby, and began a whole new chapter of our lives.

Chris and I decided early in our parenting journey that we wanted to travel with our kids. Though we knew it would be challenging at times, we also knew the rewards would be worth it.

And oh, how they’ve been worth it.

Watching little feet explore trails through deciduous forests, stumble across rocky PNW beaches, and jump into salty ocean waves has filled my mama-heart with joy overflowing. Sharing this beautiful world with them is an honor and a privilege we don’t take for granted.

Chris made the following video at the end of last year. He wanted to give our kids something to remember and reflect on as they grew older.
Travel for us isn’t about getting from Point A to Point B. It is more than that.
Travel is a means of expansion and growth.
It opens our eyes not only to what’s around us,
but what’s inside us as well.
We grow tall by learning to bend low.
We gain understanding and empathy by bearing witness to other lands
and other ways of life.

Travel gives us an inheritance of riches that will never lose its value.
And it’s this inheritance we’ve chosen to pass down to our kids.

This video shares a piece of our story and our hearts.
Enjoy ❤️